Interpretation on All-In-One Toolbox Permission


This short article aims at explaining why All-In-One Toolbox is asking for below permission. Please read through below details to have a better understanding.

Network Information


All-In-One Toolbox needs access to the network to receive upgrades for the app as well as the plugins.


This permission is required because AIO Toolbox has the feature to mute the boot sound, and change language of the app; it is mainly used for change of locale.


Cache cleaner under System Cleaner requires this permission to calculate the size of the cache files, and also the clear of cache.

Get Task


Task Killer requires this permission to check the currently or recently running tasks: a thumbnail representation of the tasks, what activities are running in it, etc.

System File

System App Uninstall feature requires this permission to refresh and save the system app list.



This is required by Backup and Restore and System App Uninstall. It needs to calculate the size and also save all the changes made.

Phone Storage

The app needs this permission so it will not kill dialer or other processes related to the phone call, and not to interrupt the phone call.

Set Orientation

The app does not support landscape view now, and only portrait view is available, so it needs to set the orientation back to landscape view when you are using the app. 

Boot Time

This is required by Show Boot Time feature. It needs this access to calculate boot time and show it on the Notification bar at each boot.


Kill running apps and reclaim the memory used by those apps.

To summarize, All-In-One Toolbox will not ask for permission that is not used or needed. At AIO Toolbox Inc., we do not collect any information from users. We would strive to safe guard all the information we have access to, and respect all users’ rights on privacy.

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